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EffOff's birth and why it works

EffOff was born of necessity, the mother of all invention, right?

As a chef and craftmaster, I make a lot of things I need. This happens more, of course, when I am not finding what I need on store shelves, or when I feel like prices are atrocious.

Like most women over 30, I often don't bat an eyelash at grabbing up the next new (all natural) wrinkle cream or lotion.

I have never, however, purchased face wash. Because EffOff is so effing perfect.

There are a few ideas that you can stick to when trying to figure out why EffOff works

1. Never put anything on your skin you wouldn't put in your mouth. Your skin IS a mouth. Period. Period.

2.In any area of your body, if you strip the body of natural oils and moisture... it will make MORE to compensate. Sure, you can wash your face with soap and enjoy that squeeky clean feeling for a short while, but then what happens? Your skin says, "Oh no!! Too dry, not enough moisture to stretch properly!" and it makes more oil to undo what you just did. Your face doesn't want wrinkles anymore than your brain does. It's just trying to make up for what it lost by making more oil. The oatmeal in effoff, when applied nearly dry and slightly wet will soak up just the right amount of oil. 

3. Remove germs, airborn and handborn bacteria (you touch your face like 1,000 times a day and dont even notice you're doing it), pollution, and dead skin every day. EffOFf does this. It is a light but thorough scrub that works. Read the reviews linked at my site!

4. Provide an antibacterial barrier on your skin. This is the very reason mineral makup is so good for your skin. Have someone like your face after you wash with EffOff. Some of the salt stays on to go on killing bacteria as your come into contact with it.

5. Give your skin a chance to heal! All of the above things will give your skin a chance to breathe, heal, take a break from assault with soap and perfumed washes. 

In addition to EffOff, drink plenty of water and eat a high-fiber diet with lots of dark veggies and BLUEBERRIES (amazing for skin). All of these things will promote healing and allow your bowels to get rid of toxins, otherwise the only other place your body has to push them out is through the pores on your face!! And no one like that


3 things for great skin